Sunday, February 12, 2017

Coming together

Busy day. Finished the final mix yesterday, Uploaded the whole thing today to the Disc maker and to CDBaby, Did another edit correction to the new book in the works for the publisher, prepped the canvas for the painting for the book cover and missed most of the Grammys. Its here! Soon!
Shooting for hard copy CD in by March 1.
This may be what the American cover for the book may look like. All subject to change.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hey, so another year in ending and I'm looking at booking the new year stuff as we ease into another year. I'm finishing up another Cd, probably out in February. Been recording with Rich McCulley for the last two years. Wonderful guy to work with. So another year and in February when I come around to give away the Cd I'm proud of, to the musicians I've been jamming with, understand that, I'm giving it away because (I've said this last year) because it's already paid for. I'm earning the money to pay for it, endless Markets for tips, private parties, gigs where they pay me (? !!!) and bizarre dismissals, for god knows what reasons. So if you don't like it for whatever reason, or you think I'm too old and nuts, then more power to you. If its not what you think is right, good for you. I had an Aunt (by marriage) that visited when I was remodeling my garage into a studio space and said: "I'm sorry, but your so-called studio, is a mess, they have already broken out all of your windows." Thankfully, her husband corrected her and said: "He's not finished, he hasn't put the glass into the windows yet." So, whatever you think, come and help if you want, but I'm going on irregardless. It's paid for. (And thankfully, I don't have to make a living to do it.)

Friday, December 16, 2016


I've just signed a contract with a publisher for "Daydee" so no more teasing posts. I'll post info here about the book when it comes out in March or April.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monday Night At World

Monday Night at the world. 

My rooftop restaurant gig in Anaheim cancelled because of the weather, she's gonna reschedule me probably Dec or Jan. Been putting in for every festival I can find for 2017. 
Recording tomorrow with Rich McCulley -gonna have to work hard. 

Lesson Wednesday. 

Weird looping recording at gallery in Santa Monica Thursday- a soundtrack for the exhibit they tell me (they can throw it away, if they don't like it) - (but I think I can do it, so) 

Sunday The Hat Factory rehearsal. 

Oh, and a Thursday Farmer's Market in Anaheim downtown. Something just keeps popping up. 
Sent out 15 come-ons to convalescent homes yesterday, actually got a couple good responses. It beats the markets for cash flow, $30.00/$50.00 for an hour as opposed to spending three hours at a market for the same money. Got a repeat birthday party gig in Nov. 

If anyone noticed my You tube of Country Roads, it was really put up for the Convalescent come-ons. 

There was a looky loo for a resident playwright at a Pasadena Theater Company on Craigslist list tonight- I waved my arm: "I KNOW THE ANSWER!!!" at them. I'm desirous of that one. 

Plotting to put my brilliant guitarist son on this new song while he's through here in December. 

Worried because my 1000s of hours at Farmers Markets have suddenly gone away. Where will I practice? Why is this happening? Maybe it's the forces saying its time to move on. But where will I practice for 3-4 hours every weekend? This was my way of making up for the twenty years I wasn't playing while everyone else I know was. 

Anybody got arthritis? My right shoulder is beginning to hassle me. How will I get to 120 BPM if my body gets too old? Oh well. This is really so much fun!!!

My first real country song:

New Song: but it's really in the key of E (capo'd up) 

Toni at the counter at the A & W
Wrote her name on my hand in ink
Didn’t wash it for a long long week
Kept in my pocket so nobody’d see it
She even told me she thought I was sweet
I was so stupid, boy was I stupid

G           A                 Bm                      A
D           A                 Bm                      A
I want that again, Can I have that back again
D           A                  Bm                      A
Just like it was        then
G           A                  Bm                     A       A

First honeymoon night at Grandma’s in Kansas
Truck and trailer outside ready to go
That old bed squeaked like thunder
We were sure we kept her up till dawn
Then biscuits and eggs and she’d always cry
When we drove off to the Utah sky


Teaching the boy how to play baseball
On the floor with the little Disney pieces
Making like Micky Mouse to make him giggle
Adding a door to the playhouse to make her a study
So she could hang with her books and her animal buddies
Both were something and they didn’t waste any time
To be gone


D                                    G
Sitting with wine and a little buzz
Bm                                             A
Watching the mountains in another sunset
D                        G
Just after making love


Capo to second fret

Title: I Want That Again

Friday, August 12, 2016

El Segundo Farmer's Market

Another weird encounter with the very odd creature - the Farmer's Market Manager. I was booked for one market a month for four months. I showed up, did well, and then the third was a bit awkward and the lady that booked me did not seem to remember that she had booked me. Looked at me with the evil eye and interrupted one of my songs with her PA. Anyway, so I emailed her to confirm the 11th of August, she didn't answer. I showed because I've not been told otherwise, she won't talk to me, another girl says they have a group booked, an hour of hula dancers. I say, well, nobody told me, but I'm willing to share. So I share. I do an hour and a half and it looks like she is going to do her ritual raffle of market stuff, which includes a CD I donated, and it seems very apparent to me that she will play her boom box after, taking away my last half hour, so I pack up and leave. I make $15.00 as opposed to the $30.00 I usually make. (Or more) It dawns on me, I spent 7 years on the USC main campus dealing totally insane people and it never bothered me because it was a fun game of negotiation and wheeling and dealing, and I never felt particularly bad and it never bothered me personally. And I suddenly realize this is not about me, it is about them. So just be aware, children, the Farmer's Market Manager is on an equal par with the best of the insane major education directors of your typical School of Business, Cinematography, Medicine. Don't let it get to you. It's because they have been given power.